Vilonia High School Athletics

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Vilonia Cheer Purpose-

Vilonia cheerleaders are organized to boost school unity, sportsmanship, and spirit. It is our job to promote school spirit through sideline cheer, to perform at athletic events, pep rallies, and special events, to develop good sportsmanship among students, to be an excellent representative of our school, and to enhance relationships between schools. Our goal is to develop both spirited sideline cheerleaders and competitive cheerleaders who compete at local, district, state, and national levels. The ultimate goal is to promote school pride!

Vilonia Cheer is divided into four teams. The high school squad is made up of 10-12 grade athletes. The junior high team consist of the VFA 9th graders and the VMS 8th graders.

Both of these team are chosen by coaches in a tryout. Tryouts are the week before Spring Break in March.

The 7th grade team is an exploratory team that is a part of 7th grade P.E. Any interested student in 7th grade may sign up and cheer for 7th grade. Students who play volleyball may not cheer during football and students who play basketball cannot cheer for the basketball season. Students will learn about the requirements of cheer the first week of 7th grade P.E. in August.

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